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Sunday 8pm Till 10pm - The Back To Ours Show

Well, what can we say, started DJing together back in the heady days of the early 90’s financing, organising and promoting our own parties above 5th Avenue in Maidenhead (remember that place!?). We then went onto playing at such venues as The Villa in Uxbridge, Hudson’s Vauxhall, Turnmills, Lakota in Bristol, The Penn Bar plus loads of one off parties and festivals at home and abroad. After a short break we then took on 3 year residency at Bar51 in Windsor (where we had the pleasure of DJing with some of the industries finest DJ’s.). We took our first excursion into Pirate Radio around 94 playing the graveyard shift on Point Blank which was soon upgraded till 10 till midnight on a Friday. We then went onto a long term show (over 10 years!) with the highly successful station ReleaseFM where the 'Back To Ours' Show was born.

How can we describe our musical taste? Well, bit of anything goes really, we don’t like to pigeon hole ourselves into one genre, but it’s got to have a certain edge to it, hence the name of our show the ‘Back To Ours’ sessions. You’ll hear everything from laid back Balearic, House, Hip Hop, Electro to old school Techno with everything in between.

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Sunday 4pm Till 6pm

Andy Mac is originally from West London and now lives in Kent. He is a veteran of late 90’s and Noughties pirate radio. During his pirate radio years a show he represented was nominated for an award at the Breakspoll awards night at Fabric nightclub. A lover of all types of dance music, Andy’s DJ style is difficult to pigeonhole and he will be bringing his extensive back catalogue of House, Garage, Breaks, Jungle, Hardcore and Techno to B2O Live from Mac’s Loft. “I got my first set of dodgy belt drive turntables in 1991 and started buying music from all the Soho record shops like Blackmarket Records and Unity. Ray Keith and Nicky BlackMarket are the reason I never had any money in my 20’s. A friend and I became local DJ heroes playing the back room of pubs, football and cricket pavilions etc before moving on to the legendary Chertsey Lock where we would play alongside some of the elite DJ’s of that era.”



Saturday 8pm Till 10pm

outh East London based House/Techno DJ and Producer with roots going back to the late 80’s early 90’s.
Started DJ-ing as a young boy splicing old tape cassettes together to create his own 12” mixes of his favourite tracks, bought his own Technics 1200’s and a Roland DJM2000 mixer and never looked back!
Early music influences include original Electro Street Sounds, Disco and Acid House.
Collaborating with Steve McCutcheon as “DJ SPLIX” had hits in the “rave scene” with “Parsley” and “Nasty Rhythm” before going on to work on various music and small film projects.
Currently in “Crowded Space” a collaboration with South Coast based Progressive/Techno dj and producer, Erik Bruce.
With appearances on Wightparty Radio TTNT Mix sessions and High Soul Society Radio, Graffiti Kings Radio, Longside Chertsey Raves, Feet To The Floor Parties, Tim G mixes deep tech house, disco edits with underground and original electro beats.

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Saturday 10pm Till Midnight - Buslife Collective

Country Gents is the moniker of Lee Jones, DJ and producer.
A DJ since 1995, Lee was initially inspired by DiY Soundsystem and ethos in 1990 and ended up DJ’ing all over the UK, Europe and America before starting his own events in Reading and Oxford UK under the name Valley Moods Productions.
He started producing in 1999 and released his debut 12” that same year on Cross Section Records’ sub label Black No Sugar. He has releases on Transfusion, Soiree International, Pear Music, Manuscript Ukraine, 124 Recordings and countless releases on Deep Cartel Recordings. In the early 2000’s he worked tirelessly with Dan Cartel putting on illegal parties all over Devon and South Wales and a multitude of other areas, with festival gigs including Glastonbury, The Glade and Secret Garden Party.
Over the years, a number of other producers have worked with Lee as fellow Gents, but currently he is working solo from his Bristol Bus Studio in the wilds of South Oxfordshire. In 1990, Nottingham sound system DiY erupted into the new culture of spontaneous guerrilla raves that began for that group of travellers and townsfolk alike, which was where it all really began for both of them.
Now at the helm of Buslife Records, which has 31 releases so far, Lee is fully immersed in House Music and the industry again with the intention of taking the label as far as is possible.

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Saturday - 10pm Till Midnight - Buslife Collective

Don Follon is on a mission to bring the glorious sounds of the Church of House Music to the lost and found, wherever they may be. An Oxford-based DJ, Follon cut his teeth on the sound systems of yore, founding the Datsound collective in the nineties to meet Oxford’s growing need for dancefloors driven by house and techno beats.

A master of smooth rhythms, Don Follon's soulful mixes of deep, funky and eclectic house music have kept dancefloors grooving for decades now. His enduring love for interesting and beautiful music keeps things fresh. “I love all kinds of music,” says Follon, “I love world music, African music has been a big influence on me, and Dub and experimental sounds too. When searching for tunes to play I look for all these influences wrapped up in a house package. I’m always on the lookout for something fresh, unique or unusual.”

Don Follon is excited to bring listeners on board for deep dig into his record bag. “A radio show is a chance to share all the beautiful house music in my collection that isn't appropriate for the dancefloor at clubs or parties," he says. With a record collection 25 years in the making, Don Follon will be taking us on a journey that weaves the history of house with eclectic sounds from all over the world. A real treat for us all. 



Friday 6pm Till 8pm - Regiment

Chancer, Romancer and midnight dancer…My first gig was in 88’..Iver Heath British Legion..I was 15 and me and my mate put on a private do! From that point on I was hooked in…What followed has been an ongoing 32-year love affair with the scene.



Thursday 8pm Till 10pm - Dark Heart Radio Show

The Dark Heart Radio Show brings you the sound of Future Garage from around the world. From exclusive 1st plays to classics from the scene. Electronic music with a darker, melancholic edge. Warm subs, beautiful vocals, Offkilter beats. The Future is Dark.



Saturday 4pm Till 6pm - Smile

Started the same time as Jay Evans, Sharing the equipment, vinyl and venues.

From 13yrs old until the family commitments took over Around 8yrs ago, teamed up again with the running of SMILE
As far as my music style goes it's as random and unpredictable as Me



Sunday 6pm Till 8pm - The Fear Of  Change Show

The fear of change radio show is hosted by dj's OcD and Granite Stoneface. Our policy is - if we like it we play it. We don't concern ourselves with genres, styles or formats, and we play old tunes, new tunes and our tunes. We also produce and work together as the drum bandits and knowledge is a curse and plan to inflict our daft noodlings upon you on a regular basis. We've played clubs, free parties and on pirate radio stations since about '91, and have had record shops, managed stage crews and put on sound systems over the years too. Please join us every Sunday 6-8 pm for some light relief, our tunes might get heavy but we never will. Peace.

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Friday 8pm Till 10pm - Deep House Disco

Able to play one record after another fairly competently, and have been doing so for over 25 years.

Been in self imposed exile for a while, but when contacted by the B2O lads about getting the band back together - I couldn't refuse.

I will be playing my usual eclectic mix of all things electronic, drawing from my experience of this crazy merry go round we call disc jockeying, and just being around music.



Wednesday 6pm Till 8pm

More Details To Follow



Friday 10pm Till Midnight

It was 1978, and I received my first 45 for Christmas. It was 'The Cavalry Song' by Jona Lewie -  I’ve still got it! After this introduction to vinyl, I started my collection.

In 1988 - when I was 20 years old, I discovered the true house sound, buying my vinyl from specialist shops in London, every week.

I love all genres of House - Classics , Acid, Deep ,Jackin & funky, to name a few.

I last played at raves and club venues in 1992, but have always loved spinning on the decks in the loft ever since.

I’m an original '88 raver, and still enjoy attending an old skool event.

Massive shouts to my DJ & MC friends, some of the true Dons of the rave world, RESPECT!



Tuesday's 8pm Till 10pm

More info to follow



Tuesday 10pm Till Midnight

The prolific Canadian composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and seven-time JUNO Award winner and nominee hails from Toronto but has carved out a massive following on the international stage. He is a recording machine, from his debut release Champion Sound Clash in 2004, the Toronto-born Dubmatix has gone on to produce and record a mind blowing 500 releases + to date & counting!



Monday 10pm Till Midnight

Born in 1972 and raised in the south of England during the electronica-rich, synth-pop 80s, and inspired by the likes of Jarre, Tangerine Dream and Vangelis, State Azure quickly became adept at studying and reverse-engineering his favourite electronic tracks, so that he could later emulate them, leading to basic understandings of musical theories and production.
He continued to gain experience, becoming a keyboardist for a few live-performing bands during his early years, whom he helped produce original tracks, before moving on to solo ambient/experimental work.
Although entirely self-taught, he feels the skills he has developed allow him to improvise more freely and emotionally, without the constraints normally inherited by traditional training.
Sparked by the emergence and fast growing online music community, which offers a much easier way to reach listeners, he reinvented himself under the alias of State Azure, finally releasing his first album ‘Outlines’ in December 2011.